A PTSD Family Support Group: Battling BARE

Photo courtesy of Battling BARE Facebook page.

I learned about the organization, Battling BARE,  through a wife’s letter published by Business Insider: Military & Defense. Heather Goble is a Navy spouse and has been married for nine years. Her letter is the first of a series being published:

Dear PTSD,

Before you came into my life, I had heard rumors. Back then, no one really spoke about you unless it was in hushed whispers. No one knew for sure what you looked like – but I heard you did unspeakable things… that you crept into bed with husbands and seduced them away from their unsuspecting wives.

I also heard that you drank. A lot. I heard sometimes you could be two places at once – physically in one place but mentally elsewhere. It was also said that you were a liar, home wrecker, careless and violent… that sometimes you would take your mounting anger out on walls or whatever or whomever happened to get in your way.

… I believed those rumors and I certainly never invited you into my life.

But you came anyway…

Battling BARE warns that it may be a little unconventional – but the organization is focused on the battle to heal the invisible wounds of their loved ones with post traumatic stress disorder.

Part of that battle is raising awareness. So, they share photos that catch attention. Many include their common pledge:

Broken by Battle
Wounded by War

My Love is Forever –
To you this I swore

I Will –
Quiet your silent screams
Help Heal your shattered soul
Until once again
My Love

    You are whole
Ash Wise started Battling BARE out of the frustration of not knowing what else to do to help her husband with PTSD. She found similar stories from other spouses at Fort Campbell. All didn’t want to quit on their marriages – so they choose to battle back. You can read more about her story and the organization HERE.

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