Killed Solider’s Sister: “He’s Home, He’s in Heaven”

Spc. Clarence Williams III, 23, of Brooksville was killed in Afghanistan Sunday. Photo courtesy of the Tampa Bay Times.

Just weeks before Clarence Williams III, 23, was scheduled to return from Afghanistan, the Brooksville soldier was killed by an explosive device that also took the life of a Tampa high school graduate.

Williams’ sister, Abrill Edwards, told the Tampa Bay Times that she talked with her brother on Sunday, the day he was killed. She said her brother read the Bible daily and confirmed he was due to come home in two or three weeks.

“But he’s home,” Edwards said. “He’s in heaven, the best home, that’s better than this home.”

Killed by the same improvised bomb was Leto High School Class of 1999 graduate Army Staff Sgt. Richardo Seija, 31. His parents still live in Tampa.

1999 Leto High School graduate Sgt. Ricardo Seija was killed Sunday in Afghanistan. Photo courtesy of the Tampa Tribune.

“I want America to remember him as a hero,” his mother, Ignacia Seija, told the Tampa Tribune. “And he’ll always be in my heart.”

Both soldiers were killed with four others when their armored vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb July 8, 2012 in Wardak Province just south of Kabul, Afghanistan. It was a bloody day in Afghanistan that also saw seven Afghan police officers killed as well as 19 Afghan civilians and a seventh U.S. soldier in a separate attack.

According to the Military Times, there have been 6,488 deaths in Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom) as well as Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom) and Operation New Dawn reported by U.S. Central Command. But that toll does not include the six U.S. soldiers killed Sunday in the IED blast outside Kabul.

The Department of Defense casualty list shows a total of 6,518 deaths from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars as of July 11, 2012, but that list also includes civilians.


7 Responses

  1. Where can we find out the names of the other 5 gentlemen?

    • Thanks for asking and caring about all the families. The names had not been released by the Dept. of Defense at the time I wrote this blog entry. As soon as they’re available, I will post them.

  2. They all are returned at home, “The home of The Father”. This is the home toward we all are walking, is our traguard. The only our sadness is due to the cause of their death, that is imputable to IEDs, but we are sure,for our faith, they now are where is the true happyness, we are saying them tell as”we are on the reign of eternity and are praying for you”. claudio alpaca

  3. condolences to the seija and williams family and friends…

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