PTSD: An Army Veteran Writes to Find Peace

Alex Cook in Afghanistan.

Hi, Internet.

I’m Alex.  I’m a veteran who has been struggling with what I call the “Army Sads.”  I guess it’s PTSD.  I went to Iraq and Afghanistan, but I wasn’t a combat arms guy.

I’ve been out for three years, but I’m not quite over it.  I’m trying.  I don’t wake up in the middle of the night screaming about IEDs, and I have all my limbs.  I feel guilty that I’ve let my time in the army affect me so deeply when so many have had it worse.  I’m only now able to confront my feelings and work on getting through them.

I can only imagine how many people like me are out there.  People who “served their country” and haven’t quite come to grips with what that means.  Maybe they’re mostly fine, but something inside them keeps them from being who they wish they could be.

Maybe they have trouble leaving their own room, the way I did for months on end.  People who don’t even want to acknowledge that they were ever in the military, or people who miss it.  People that bristle at being called heroes and don’t want anyone’s pity.  People that aren’t sure how they feel about anything, but worry that what they do feel is wrong somehow.

I want to talk to those people.

We may be Veterans with a capital V, but we’re just people.  We happened to go to war, is all.  We’re all unique: we all feel something different.  We’re connected, though, whether we like it or not.  We can help each other.  We can find meaning and purpose in a confusing world.  We can become who we want to be.  We’re not defined by our experiences or our emotions.  We can make ourselves be understood.  We can find peace.

I’m going to start writing regularly for this blog.  I’ll be sharing my personal experiences as I try to find my own way in the world.

Hopefully it will help someone.  It’ll definitely be therapeutic for me.  I’ve suffered alone and I know how miserable it can be, but we’re not alone.  We have people who want to help us and we have each other.

I’ll write about a new form of therapy I recently tried in my next entry.  It’s called Accelerated Resolution Therapy and it’s available for free at USF.  They even pay you to fill out some surveys.

It sounds a little scary, but maybe with my account you’ll decide it’s something for you.

(Spoiler alert: it probably is.  Check it out at or call (813) 974-9310 if you’re interested.  They’re very nice.)

If you’re a vet, or just care about one, and have a story to tell, this blog might just be the place to do it.  If you want to get in touch with me, e-mail me at  I’m not an expert on anything, but I know some people who care.  I care.

The important thing to remember is that we’re not alone.

So let’s get better.

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  1. Reblogged this on veterans news 3.0.

  2. alex cook thank you for sharing your personal feelings and thoughts, it takes courage, looking forward to reading more.

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  4. Your thoughts and intentions are laudable. It is a service for all warriors and for a support they need. thanks claudio alpaca

  5. Alex, I am your sister Laura’s future mother-in-law Kristine, I am so proud of you fro writing about your feelings. I am honored to say I know you. I look forward to getting to know you better. You are a very special man with a lot to offer us all. I salute you.

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  9. I found your blog through my research on PTSD, as I’m attempting to better understand someone very close to me (currently enlisted in Army Infantry) as he goes through his time in the service. Your blog is a true inspiration; there’s nothing more therapeutic than writing your feelings out, in my opinion. I commend you for creating this blog, you’re touching more hearts than you know.

    • Dear JMac – I invite you to write a piece for the blog should you want to share. It helps other family members and friends know they’re not alone. It also can help the service member you’re trying to support. You can email me directly at with any questions. Thanks for reading Off the Base. There are plenty of resources available for you as you work to understand your soldier! Bobbie

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