Military Dog Picture of the Week

Kevin Hanrahan’s weekly blog feature – Military Dog Picture of the week – is too precious not to share.

Military Working Dog Handler Leading Aircraftwoman Samantha Vassallo and Military Working dog ‘Ally’ practice winching during continuation training at RAAF Tindal. CHC Helicopters and RAAF Tindal Security Police dog section conducting winch training, the training provides both SAR and RAAF Security Police a chance to maintain and increase their Search and Rescue skills. (Photo by LAC Terry Hartin)

Hanrahan is a soldier and author of the novel in manuscript, Paws on the Ground, about U.S. Soldiers and the dogs that protect them in the treacherous and alien terrain of Afghanistan. He recently signed with a literary agent.

In addition to advocating for military dogs and their handlers, Hanrahan also offers up tips on his craft of writing. His most recent – 10 Tips to a Great Pitch.

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  1. I bilieve this is a right way to support buddies, Hanarhan. Your manuscripts aid all warriors, pose them questions, done them answers reflecting on situation done by stress and fatigue. Dogs are another support and, togheter, you are supporting all comrades. Thanks, Hanarahan

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