Military Dog Picture of the Week: Honza Bear

Honza Bear sitting in our tricked-out ride complete with American Flag blanket. Photo courtesy of Kevin Hanrahan.

Why is Honza Bear a favorite of blogger and author Kevin Hanrahan and the readers of his weekly post: military dog picture of the week?

Maybe you love the fact that he spontaneously rolls onto his back, grumbles like a bear and demands to have his belly rubbed.

The photos on Kevin’s blog are dated August 2011. Yet, his weekly email with links to the military dog picture is from today, Aug. 16, 2012.

So, I am unsure of the timing of the following story.

What I am sure of, it is yet another reason why Honza Bear deserves the recognition, he saved a life.

John “hanging” with Bear.

“… Last Friday I was sitting at my desk well past six 6:00 PM so I clicked on a message from John. He and Honza had just been blown to the ground by an improvised explosive device buried into the ground in Afghanistan. Last week, without notice or warning, their life almost ended.”

Honza Bear caught the scent of explosives. His handler John recognized Honza Bear’s signal and stopped short of the explosive, both survived.

I share the story and photos with permission from Kevin Hanrahan.


2 Responses

  1. The life of two friends, Honza Bear and John, two friends who postponed their life to life of other. It seem a tale of other times, it is a real odiern history that pose a question: “Why the society is not ever as these friends? Why we attache stigma to situations we not understand? The answer is blowing in the wind, we may say.
    Thanks, our friends, for have posed this question with your lives.
    claudio alpaca

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