6 Tips for Student Veterans Heading to College

Whether you’re a first time student using the GI Bill education benefits or returning to campus to finish up your degree, the Veterans Affairs blog VAntage Point has compiled these quick tips:

  • Before you start class, make sure to certify your enrollment with the certifying official on campus, usually found within financial aid. Double check to make sure your paperwork is in order.
  • If you’re using the Post-9/11 GI Bill, you may be eligible for a book stipend. To stretch your money, consider renting your textbooks from the campus bookstore or online retailers instead of buying.
  • Make sure to notify your certifying official of any changes to your schedule once you certify. Any modifications can change your tuition or housing payments.
  • Ask around for a Veterans group on campus. Student Veteran groups have pushed for more resources and assistance at hundreds of campuses across the country. If there isn’t a group at your school, consider starting one.
  • Track announcements and information on VA’s GI Bill page. You can also follow our GI Bill Facebook page and the Veterans Benefits Administration’s Twitter feed.
  • Remember to stop, take a breath, and enjoy your time in college.

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  1. sage tis for veterans students, sage initiative to done the possibility to veterans to advanceon school and progress on all terms. A laudable initiative to make of a veteran a subject wih new interess. thanks claudio alpaca

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