VA Suicide Prevention Hopes to Involve Everyone

You don’t have to understand what a Veteran went through during their service or since they got back, what’s important is to be there for support and to know where to get help.

That’s the underlying theme of  “Stand by Them,” a new VA outreach program aimed at enlisting help of friends, family and colleagues to recognize when a Veteran is in crisis and get help.

Whether it’s sticking by a loved one in tough times, asking the right questions to make sure a veteran is doing alright, or reaching out if you’re concerned about a veteran you know.

“History shows that the costs of war will continue to grow for a decade or more after the wars have ended,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki in a news release.  “The mental health and well-being of our brave men and women who have served the Nation is the highest priority for the Department of Veterans Affairs.”

The bottom line:  No matter what’s going on, support is available.




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  1. We must not avoid to aid those who have served us, made sacrifices, lost body parts, and reported the health problem knowned as PTSD. The costs for give them cares are not a cost but a due act, it is the manner to thank not verbally but on real terms. Buddies, we are a part of us and we now are doning you little aid, not comparable with all you have done us.claudio alpaca

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