Tampa Area Marine Parent Remembers September 11


One of the things that will always stand out in my mind about September 11th and the days that would follow was the enormous outpouring of patriotism and pride in our country like this nation had not seen in many years.

Flags were flying everywhere, people had signs in their yard, painted their cars decorated their homes as if it were the 4th of July.

And you hugged your family a bit tighter.

Churches and communities held vigils and thousands poured out to pray and hope and cry together as a nation. Men and women from every race and culture standing side by side, working to save lives, hoping, searching, pushing themselves beyond human limits in order to help their fellow Americans.

In such a time of tragedy and loss, we came together an stood proud with our strength, courage and true patriotic spirit that American’s have been known for for hundreds of years.

How sad that it took such a tragic event to make us shine our very best and sadder still that we have let our lights dim once again as the years go by.

Today, stop … remember … feel that pride again as your think of the events of that tragic day and honor those who we lost and honor those that have continued the fight protecting us so such events never happen again.

Cyd Deathe is the Proud Mom of OIF Wounded Warrior Veteran LCpl Adam, USMC 03-07 and President – Executive Director of the Tampa Area Marine Parents Assoc., Inc.


2 Responses

  1. We remembe what happen eleven years ago as a due act for all those have sacrificed their live for save others, as a manner to constitute the memory patrimony of the country. We remembe those who have lost their live. You alls are on our hearts claudio alpaca

  2. God Bless USA and all World.amen

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