5 Free Opportunities for Veterans Starting a Business

A recent survey showed that up to 40 percent of veterans have thought about starting their own business. But, many don’t know where to begin and are unaware that free help is available.

So, Pinellas SCORE is sponsoring a Veterans Business Expo Saturday, Oct. 6, from  9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Marriott Clearwater, 12600 Roosevelt Blvd., St. Petersburg, Florida.

Retired executive Jack Grise, a Pinellas SCORE volunteer and Navy veteran, gives his rundown of the top five, free services that will be available at the expo.

  1. Free consultation and on-going mentoring with a SCORE counselor;
  2. Free advice on setting up your bookkeeping;
  3. Free legal advice on setting up your business;
  4. A free business college level Entrepreneur Certification program;
  5. Free workshops on skills like using social media…. and much more

A special presentation by retired Air Force Gen. Lloyd W. “Fig” Newton is another highlight of the daylong expo.

Veterans, military spouses and active-duty military transitioning out of service are invited to come and talk with a counselor. Grise said no matter how “wild” their business idea – a mentor is ready to listen, discuss its viability and suggest ways to move forward.


3 Responses

  1. HI, buddies, initiate a new activity is not easy for anyone and difficulties are encontered by alls. It is not a handicap.
    You have now disposable, I read, people who has intention to give you aid. This is positive as constitute the human solidarity and, by means of them, we will surmont any difficulties.
    I am happy for yoy and invite to have the same resilience and skill you have had on your past duty, that is not a easy duty. claudio alpaca

  2. Can you give me an update on how this went. I am looking at trying to do one of these in Austin Texas. Please contact me.

    • Hi Rick – I’m ready to help you as much as I can. I have sent you an email with Jack Grise’s information. He’s the organizer who conceived of and coordinated the Pinellas SCORE Veterans Business Expo. He also started a “veterans initiative” with their chapter. So, the work he’s doing extends beyond the Expo. Thanks for reaching out. Keep us informed on your efforts.

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