Army Spc. Brittany Gordon Comes Home

Flags are planted along Tampa’s Bayshore Boulevard awaiting the Honor Escort of Army Spc. Brittany Gordon who died in Afghanistan, killed by a suicide bomber. Photo courtesy of Shelly Vail.

There is a strong core of Tampa Bay residents who turn out every time an honor escort brings a fallen soldier home.

My special thanks today goes out to Shelly Vail, the Troop Support Alliance and the Lutz Patriots that always gather at the Colonnade Restaurant on Bayshore Boulevard.

They were there before noon Wednesday, planting the flags and waiting for the honor escort from MacDill Air Force Base as it drove north along Tampa’s waterfront promenade. Shelly noted that more than 100 people showed up:

I am so proud!!! We heard from 2 people that EVERYONE inside The Colonnade stood & service members saluted when the Honor Escort for Spc. Brittany Gordon rolled by today. I am also so proud of the military moms & spouses who attended today & stepped up to help support another mom.

In all about 100 people gathered on Bayshore Boulevard at the Colonnade Restaurant await the Honor Escort for fallen Army Spc. Brittany Gordon. Photo courtesy of Shelly Vail.

Brittany Was Memorable

It’s a tribute to Spc. Brittany Gordon and how well she did her job – that a fellow soldier in Afghanistan would feel her loss even though they had never met. Here’s a blog comment from a colleague also serving in Afghanistan:

My unit took place of the 82nd airborne a couple of months ago and part of my job was to call down to her base regularly. She was always eager to help me because I was new at my job and she never complained about me calling sometimes 10 times a day.

I didn’t get a chance to personally meet Gordon, but was going to in November when my unit planned to visit her base. It really hurts me that I didn’t get to meet her in person because she just seemed like a vibrant and vivacious individual.

I’m extremely blessed to have known her even for the little time I did and I’m going to live my life to the fullest for Gordon because that’s how she would of lived it. Praying for her family.

Brittany Was Ambitious

A childhood friend, Cali, shared her memories of Brittany was like growing up on the blog comments.

Brittany was a dear friend of mine. She was always ambitious and determined as well as strong willed. I remember her for always remaining focused on what she wanted to do for her life and I always admired her hustlers ambition. Love you always Brit ❤

Army Spc. Brittany Gordon.

Brittany Was Precious

Tampa Tribune columnist Steve Otto is a personal friend, a voice of the community and it’s moral center. He’s a veteran who understands how precious life is and how unsettling a loss like Brittany can be:

By all accounts she was nearly perfect. The daughter of Brenda Gordon and St. Petersburg Assistant Police Chief Cedric Gordon, she was one of those people you feel better off just being around.

Her plans included returning to college after her time in the Army…

Apparently Gordon, along with a group of coalition troops, was delivering furniture to an Afghan intelligence office off base.

The explosion killed two Americans and four Afghans.

Delivering furniture … I don’t know … it’s the waste of something as precious as Brittany Gordon that initially digs at you. I’m told she was proud and loved her work overseas.


4 Responses

  1. It is confortable, for family, see and say the appreciations for B.Brittanny Gordon. She was endoubtly a big person, but her humanity was her best charateristic. Is not that element that make of a warrior a very big warriors? I thinks it is and am sure we all will remember Britanny on our hearts for ever, as she is part of us. claudio alpaca

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