5 Veterans Day Activities for Children

Visiting memorials and military museums is one way to teach children about the country’s military and veterans.

Here are some ideas from the Kids Activities Blog on how to involve children in honoring Veterans Day. The habits that children form early in life are the foundation for when they become adults.

Respect and honor for those who serve is an important lesson. And it helps the children understand the sacrifice men and women of the military and their families have made serving in the U.S. Military.

1- Draw a picture or write a card to a Veteran thanking them for their service.  You can send your cards to to both active military personal and veterans through A Million Thanks or through your local VA Medical Center.

2. Arrange a visit with a Veteran – If you don’t have a relative or neighbor who is a Veteran, ask your friends or neighbors.  Chances are they will know someone.  Bake them some cookies and ask if your children could visit with them.

3. Attend a Veterans Day Ceremony – I will publish a list of Tampa Bay Veterans activities but you can also check local newspapers,  schools and local VA cemeteries for their ceremonies.

 4. Pack a Holiday-themed box for a solider (s) who is currently serving –This is a excellent opportunity for your children to learn how men & women who are serving our country, sacrifice time with their families during the holidays.  There are several organizations that provide opportunities such as Packages From Home.

5. Visit local Monuments and Museums Honoring Veterans. A quick web search will help you find local museums and monuments.

If you looking for more suggestions for children and adults, here is a link to a previous post: 101 Ways to Thank a Veteran.


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