There is Recovery from TBI: One Army Sergeant’s Story

Army SGT Amber (Greer) Brooks in June 2011 three months after her accident. The medical team had to shave off her waist-length strawberry blonde hair to access her skull and save her life.

“The big shock to me was ‘Why am I not at work? Why can’t I go to work? I don’t understand why I can’t be around people I served with.’” Army SGT Amber Greer said. “It was a huge shock to me and something that was so foreign to me. I probably cried for about a week that I couldn’t go to work.”

That’s how Greer described her struggle to recover from multiple injuries including Traumatic Brain Injury after a traffic accident in 2011.

Thankful for her recovery and hoping to encourage others  traveling the same path, Greer (now Amber Greer Brooks) sent me this recent update:

By Amber (Greer) Brooks

Recovering from any major trauma is extremely difficult and takes a lot of time and patience. I spent from March 20, 2011-August 17, 2011 in the hospital only to end up in one of the Army’s Warrior Transition Units (WTU).

These WTU’s are designed for soldiers to go to heal and transition either back into the Army or back into civilian life. Fortunately for me, the Army decided that I met the standards of being returned to the Army.

Since then, I have married a wonderful man and will be taking a new job in the Army.

I am leaving for training in January 2013 to work for the Army as a contractor. I will be signing and negotiating government contracts on behalf of the Department of the Army.

I have also scored the highest on my Physical Fitness Test (APFT) ever (even before the auto accident) with a perfect 300! 46 push ups in 2 minutes, 80 sit ups in two minutes, and running two miles in 14 minutes 51 seconds.

Anyone can achieve anything, it just takes a lot of focus, motivation, and never giving up.


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  1. Sentiments and thougths, those of the history, that are the normality of subjects who love their duty when a wound or other situation seem make impossibile a return to the activity, on this case to military live. A history that has found a happy solution and for whom i am happy with this woman warrior. claudio alpaca

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