Tammy Duckworth Named as One to Shake Up Congress

Tammy Duckworth arriving for her speech at University of South Florida Oct 12, 2010.

Tammy Duckworth arriving for her speech at University of South Florida Oct 12, 2010.

An news article by US News names former assistant secretary at the VA and Iraq combat veteran Tammy Duckworth as one of seven new members expected to shake up Congress.

Illinois Democratic Rep. Tammy Duckworth – One of the first female Black Hawk helicopter pilots to fly combat missions, Duckworth survived a 2004 rocket-propelled grenade attack. She lost both legs and part of her right arm, but managed to safely land her helicopter before attending to her injuries.

Duckworth competed in one of the most bitter races in 2012, against Tea Party incumbent Republican Joe Walsh. Duckworth proved herself as a hefty fundraiser, outspending her opponent by more than $3 million.

Duckworth, who served as the assistant secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, will serve on the House Armed Services Committee and will be the first female double-amputee to serve in the House of Representatives.

Veterans returning from combat will be her focus. Duckworth hopes to increase veterans education and employment opportunities.

Ninety new members of Congress will be sworn in January 2013. The others named to the US News expected to make their mark are: Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, Michigan Republican Rep. Kerry Bentivolio, Maine independent Sen. Angus King,   North Dakota Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott, and Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren.


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