Congressman Pushing for Speedier VA Benefit Claims

Florida Cong. Jeff Miller (R) being interviewed at a south Texas VA summit.

Florida Cong. Jeff Miller (R) being interviewed at a south Texas VA summit.

Despite the VA’s goal of clearing the disability claims backlog by 2015, the chairman of the House Comittee on Veterans Affairs said that’s still not good enough.

It currently takes 260 days on average to process a disability benefits claim. The VA plans to cut that to 125 days for processing within two years.

Florida Cong. Jeff Miller told Florida Today that batting.500 is “pretty damn good” for baseball but it’s not a good enough for veterans.

The  backlog is attributed to several items such as the complexity of injuries suffered by Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans. Also in 2010, the VA expanded eligibility for Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange which swelled the number of claims.Miller said it was the “right thing” to do.

“But I don’t think VA planned,” Miller said. “They had an idea of the numbers of people that would be coming through the system, and that’s where I fault VA.”

It’s estimated that 260,000 Vietnam veterans were added to the benefits backlog of an estimated 1 million total claims. The VA currently processes about 1 million claims a year.

3 Responses

  1. Welcome to all initiatives aimed to speedier veterans rigths on care’s treatments for problems reported by wars, as also few time may be dangerous for them. i appreciate the initiative and solidarize in toto, thanking for all is made on the interess of veterans. claudio alpaca

  2. Thank You Sir, for going to bat for the Veterans that is so needed! Need more Congressmen to step up and do the same, they claim when running for office that they want veterans to get what they are desrved and once in office they turn there backs on them…The VA system is the absolute worse and they have this Shenski guy over them all and he is more concerned about a photo shoot as to what he is TRYING to do and spending more money on stuff that makes him look good in the public eye… and truly not concerned at all about the Veterans suffering and committing suicide because they are not get what they are needed Mentally telling a troop with Mental Isssues that they are DENIED Benefits that they have worked so hard for yes that makes them discourage and the need to live is no longer… They Need to get off the CAN and get these Veterans what they need before walking off that Base for the Last time….oppose to have them come home go to a million appts. get meds and send on there way to WAIT 265 days before claim is even looked at… then sit on the phone for 2hrs and not even get the answer to the question you asked….. wow really 120 days but when deployed everything was right then and there if not you were reprimanded………..It Is All A Number game for the Govt…..

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