Sequestration: The Day the Coast Guard Music Died

The Armed Forces Medley

The Armed Forces Medley

The entire Southeast Tour by the US Coast Guard Band, all eight concerts, has been cancelled due to sequestration.

“In this difficult budget climate the service’s primary objective is to preserve our ability to meet the highest-priority mission activities, including search and rescue, critical security operations, and emergency response,” is part of a statement from the U.S. Coast Guard Office of Public Affairs.

The band tour was to start Thursday evening in Florida:

  • Thursday at 7 p.m. at Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater, FL
  • Friday at the University of South Florida School of Music, Tampa, FL
  • Saturday at the Riverwalk Pavilion, Bradenton, FL

Appearances were also cancelled:

  • March 10 at Valdosta High School Performing Arts Center, Valdosta, GA
  • March 11 at Mobile Civic Center, Mobile, AL
  • March 12 at The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
  • March 13 at Germantown Performing Arts Center, Germantown, TN
  • March 14 at Ford Center for the Performing Arts, Oxford, MS

The Coast Guard Band calendar still shows concerts scheduled in April, May, June and through December 2013, but all of them are performed at the US Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT.

The cancellations are in line with other military cutbacks.

The Navy cancelled four appearances by the Blue Angels in April at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa; Corpus Christi, TX; Vidalia, GA and Beaufort, SC.


5 Responses

  1. I pray this isn’t the beginning of the end of military music. DoD also said no performance outside of the local area unless paid for by the requesting party.

  2. Hope is that cuts and economic crisis exigences may by harmonized and cuts on military sector be minor or be more flexible, doning possibilities to explain activitie, included musical activities and others that serve to troops’s morale, whose suicide problems, due to TBI and PTSD, may be worsened by the assences of that was for them relax. If we think they are made only for duty activity, warriors are more at risk, as their live is totally occupied by activity. This is, one may say, their choice, their finality, but they are not technologic means. They are men whose chronic stress is ever high and Congress must consider taht. claudio alpaca

  3. so much for the moral welfare of our military personal. when is out government going to stop taking our entilements, and start looking at all the p-rk that is wasting way.

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