Veterans Unemployment Drops Again

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The jobless rate among former military service members continues to decline.

The unemployment rate for all veterans in February dropped to 6.9 percent down from 7.7 percent in January 2013.

Yet, the rate for Post 9-11 veteran remains above the national average.

The Gulf War II-era veterans monthly unemployment rate decreased to 9.4 percent in February. But, the national rate for civilians is 7.7 percent according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The good news is the trend continues downward. Unemployment was 11.7 percent in January for Post 9-11 veterans.

And just over a year ago, more than 1 million veterans were unemployed but today that number has dropped down to 772,000.


4 Responses

  1. I think all it means is that their unemployment ended and they can’t collect it not that they found jobs.

  2. The trend is positive, but we reach to a opposte positive rate.
    Just now more has been made for veterans, and this is concretized on results obtained, but our action to done them job must continue and potentiate. We have to count the drawdown from Afghanistan and more is to make. America, institutions and industry, have do done a thanks is not only a word to those have served us and serve us, America have to serve veterans. It is an imperatif; also civil society must act, as, if had the possibiity to live on freedom this possibility has been done by warriors and veterans. claudio alpaca

  3. i hope the sequester is not going to effect our veteran population to hard. good luck to all.

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