Going Soft and Giving to Homeless Veterans

Donations of sewing supplies and material are wanted for the Pillow Project.

Donations of sewing supplies and material are wanted for the Pillow Project.

A soft and comfortable place to lay your head – that’s a simple need. It’s a need that Cyd Deathe hopes to fulfill for 200 homeless veterans.

Cyd is president of  the Tampa Area Marine Parents Association and a proud mom of OIF Wounded Warrior Veteran LCpl Adam, USMC 03-07.

She’s committed to providing 200 pillows for the Homeless Veterans Stand Down scheduled April 5-7 in Tallahassee. That’s this Friday through Sunday, so time is short.

What Cyd needs to provide the promised pillows:

  • Fabric of plain colors and easy to sew material
  • Stuffing or  fiber fill for pillows
  • Local volunteers to help sew
  • Sewing supplies – thread, etc.

Or if you can’t sew and don’t have any extra fabric to contribute, financial donations are welcomed too. Cyd estimates it costs about $2 to make a pillow.

If you like to sew pillows and live in the Tampa Bay area, contact Trish@USMCFamilySupport.org . Even if you don’t live in the area, you can help complete the project. Go to the T.A.M.P.A website for details.

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