Bay Pines VA Hosts a Stand Down for Homeless Vets

Courtesy Bay Pines VA.

Courtesy Bay Pines VA.

Here’s an opportunity for homeless veterans in Pinellas County as well as those in need of help with employment, medical, legal or  mental health services.

The Stand Down is scheduled Saturday, April 6, 2013, from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m at Bay Pines VA, 10000 Bay Pines Blvd., Bay Pines, FL.

Akin to a military “Stand Down” – the Bay Pines VA Healthcare System (VAHCS) access to an array of services and resources in the courtyard located near building 37 at the medical center campus located in Bay Pines.

Organizers promise the event will be held rain or shine. Services available will include access to medical care; free meals, toiletries and clothing items; VA health care, benefits and housing information; employment assistance and more.

Veterans should bring a copy of their DD214 “Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty,” birth certificate, social security card and two documents that can verify their mailing address. Veterans living in a shelter should try to bring a copy of their shelter statement.

Details about the Stand Down for Homeless Veterans event hosted by the Bay Pines VAHCS, are available by calling 727-398-6661 extension 7552.

For more information about the Bay Pines VAHCS, please visit


2 Responses

  1. Wath may I said of this initiativ is not writed by acts and acts important for veterans. Satisfation of material needs and service to find job and, so, may have a home and a dignity. They must have all that, they who have served us and, for years of deployment, are without a job, a job they should had if was not sacrifying their live for country. On their name, thanks claudio alpaca

  2. There’s no housing or living-wage jobs available for the homeless veterans at this Stand Down; all the veterans will leave STILL HOMELESS & UNEMPLOYED!

    These Stand Downs are FRONTS for the 12-Step religious AA/NA Cult Treatment Industry…they make money off the homeless veterans.

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