Student Vet Dedicates Part of Bike America to Slain Colleague

Kiersten Downs in Cedar City, Utah. Photo credit: Annie Pace.

Kiersten Downs in Cedar City, Utah. Photo credit: Annie Pace.

Kiersten Downs, a University of South Florida student veteran, was asked to dedicate part of her journey across the U.S. to another student veteran, Maribel Ramos.

Ramos was a Cal State student veteran recently murdered just before graduating. Kiersten pays tribute to her fellow student veteran in the video below.

Although the two never met, Kiersten says. “We all stand together.”

“It’s really hard when these things happen because as veterans we’ve all seen and lived through a lot of violence ourselves,” Kiersten said. “And when it happens on our own soil to a fellow Vet, it’s really hard to understand.”

You can check out Kiersten’s daily progress on her Bike America website or on Twitter.

She started cycling across the country two weeks ago and has advanced as far as Cedar City, Utah


3 Responses

  1. heart and mind are the place have no border and are near even at distance. for we may say: we stand togheter. It is wonderfull to have dedicated part of bike America to a colleague murdered, who is ever alife and, we may say, ever present.This is one of the manner to be togheter and sentiments librate high on sky. claudio alpaca

  2. Thanks for sharing this story. We love to hear stories about the real world that Veterans live in – not the super-hero world people think they live in.


    • Please continue to follow Kiersten’s journey. She will be meeting up with hundreds of student Veterans – many will do a ride-a-long – as she cross the USA.

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