Study Finds 613 Forms for Veterans Seeking VA Benefits

Credit: USAF

Credit: USAF

America’s veterans can run into as many as 613 forms across 18 agencies as they seek services, according to a story in the Stars and Stripes.

The report by the American Action Forum found that:

  •   The result of 31.2 million Veterans Affairs claims each year — takes federal employees roughly 43.3 million hours to process.
  • A disabled veteran seeking health and educational benefits could encounter up to 49 different forms, more than four hours of paperwork, and an aggregate cost of $125, assuming $31 per hour of compliance time.
  • One collection, “Income-Net Worth and Employment Statement,” contains 40 questions, takes one hour to complete, and VA receives more than 104,000 responses every year.
  • Four different agencies administer 12 million hours of paperwork related to veterans’ employment and training, imposing 24 different forms, at a cost of $892 million.

The American Action Forum describes itself as “center-right,” and says it does not take positions on policy. You can read the full Stars and Stripes story HERE.

You can read the American Action Forum report HERE.


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