Veterans Charities Examined by Tampa Bay Times

iraq veterans capThe Tampa Bay Times in conjunction with the Center for Investigative Reporting examined the track record of one of the fastest growing non-profits that helps veterans as part of an ongoing series that looks at the fundraising and spending of charities.

The Wounded Warrior Project, founded in 2003, the Times reports is spending 58 percent of its donations on veterans programs.

In its 2012 IRS filing, Wounded Warrior reported that about 73 percent of its expenses went toward programs. But the charity is one of many that use a commonly accepted practice to claim a portion of fundraising expenses as charitable works. By including educational material in solicitations, charities can classify some of the expense as good deeds.

Ignoring these joint costs reduces the amount Wounded Warrior spent on programs last year to 58 percent of total expenditures.

The charity has been criticized for its salaries, with 10 employees earning $150,000 or more. Chief executive Steve Nardizzi, whose total compensation was about $330,000 last year, said salaries are in line with similarly sized organizations.

“We’re a direct service provider, dealing with some of the world’s greatest social ills,” Nardizzi said, referring to the charity’s more than 250 employees who provide services to veterans. “We hire the best of the best and we pay them a living wage.”

The full article is available HERE.


3 Responses

  1. we have bigger problems than within our own government instead of the media and Center for Investigative Reporting going after an organiztion that truely helps and assists our veterans. i am an alumni of wwp and i am personally grateful to wwp for all the good they do for us warriors. time to look at our priorties and focus on the fraud waste and abuse big brother federal government.

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