Washington Navy Yard Shooting Updates on Twitter, Internet

A screen save from video coverage provided by the Washington Post live video feed outside the Navy Yard.

A screen save from video coverage provided by the Washington Post live video feed outside the Navy Yard.

As of 12:15 p.m., the Washington D.C. police chief said that one suspected shooter is dead but there is an active search for two potential additional gunmen.

The chief said it is an “active search” for two unconfirmed shooters, one white male wearing a khaki “uniform style” and a second black male in his 50s wearing an olive-drab “uniform-style.”

She said multiple victims are dead but declined to give an exact count. The Washington NBC News4 is carrying coverage live.

The U.S. Navy has provided telephone numbers for family members of those working in the Naval Yard. Family members looking for information about their loved ones can call 202-433-6151 or 202-433-9713. Some 3,000 worked in the building where the shooting reportedly started.

The Washington Post is carrying live coverage of outside the shooting scene and the search for two gunman at the U.S. Naval Yard. As of 11:30 EDT:

Police now believe two shooters, including one in fatigues, have killed four people and wounded eight others at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday, throwing the region into fear and chaos during the morning commute.

At least one of the shooters is “down,” police said mid-morning, but it was unclear whether that means the suspect has been arrested or shot. They said the other suspect remains at large, and police believe they have pinned down one between the third and fourth floors of one of the buildings on the installation in Southeast Washington.

The U.S. Navy Twitter account, @USNavy, is telling family members to reunite at the Nationals Stadium parking lot B.

In addition to following live video feeds from the Washington Post, you can follow the Twitter hashtag #NavyYardShooting.

The NBC station in Washington DC, News 4, is also providing live coverage.


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