Free Mental Health Services Offered to Naval Yard Victims


Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen Photo courtesy:

The non-profit organization that provides free mental heath services to military families and veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is extending its reach.

The president of Give an Hour sent out an email Wednesday offering the free services to families, first-responders and victims of the Naval Yard shooting this week in Washington D.C.

“We will learn more details about this situation as things unfold in the coming days and weeks.  When the community is ready, Give an Hour plans to step up and offer mental health services to anyone, including young children, affected by the tragic event at the Navy Yard,” Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen, founder and president of Give an Hour, stated in the email message.

The organization was there to assist in other recent tragedies like the Sandy Hook shootings, Hurricane Sandy, the Boston Marathon bombings and the explosions in West Texas. 

“With thousands of licensed mental health professionals on our national network, Give an Hour has the capacity to help those who are experiencing grief, loss, and anxiety as a result of these horrible events, and we want to do our part,” Dr. Van Dahlen added in the email.

The offer is two way. There’s always room for mental health professionals interested in joining Give an Hour. It’s as easy as completing an online form.

If you’re seeking help, you can go to the Give an Hour website and click on visitors to locate a provider in their area.


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