Veterans Group Plans Should VA Checks Stop

Photo courtesy of the Wounded Warrior Project.

Photo courtesy of the Wounded Warrior Project.

The Florida-based Wounded Warriors Project (WWP) plans to open its coffers should the congressional stalemate continue and VA payments cannot  be made to veterans with disabilities and families of fallen service members.

The non-profit organization – which has assisted some 40,000 injured veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan war – has committed $20 million to help its alumni according to the WWP website.

WWP is prepared to send you a $500 check if the government does not come to a resolution in time for the November payment. These funds are to assist with expenses during this payment gap, and WWP will not ask for reimbursement. While this action would not solve all financial hardship, we are committed to helping our warriors, especially in time of crisis.

Many news reports are quoting veterans who are anxious and angry about the looming threat that there will be no money for VA compensation checks and benefit payments.

But their faith was shaken when initially death benefits were denied last week to families of  five service members killed in Afghanistan and to others who died while on active duty.

The non-profit organization, the Fisher House, stepped up to help pay the death benefit so families could deal with the sudden loss and plan funerals. Later in the week, Congress did pass a resolution funding death benefits.


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