Write Letters for Homefront Hugs’ Thanksgiving Tradition

Photo courtesy of Operation Thanksgiving Hugs.

Photo courtesy of Operation Thanksgiving Hugs.

Here’s a tradition to share with your family after your meal is consumed – Operation Thanksgiving Hugs – from the folks with Homefront Hugs USA:

This Thanksgiving, after your warm delicious meals, after your pumpkin pie …gather your “troops” around to write some letters or cards to our wounded and sick vets in hospitals for our mission Operation Healing Angel.

Or write a note or card for a deployed hero far away from loved ones.
Just let us know which card is for whom:

  • Are your cards for our wounded warriors or their hero medical staff of Operation Healing Angel or for our deployed heroes of Homefront Hero Hugs.
  • Just add  somewhere on your cards or letters or drawings from the kids : ” for a Wounded Hero”, “for a Hero Nurse”, “for a Hero Physician”,  ”for a Hero Chaplain”, ”for a Hero med tech”, ” for a Hero psychiatrist or Social worker” or ” for a Hero Deployed Soldier”

Lifting troop morale helps fight depression, isolation and yes, even PTSD triggers.

  • Drawings and photos are welcome they make it feel like a real hug from home.
  • Don’t just sign the cards or notes add a personal touch even a joke or prayer, a riddle or photo or story about your dog or crazy family capers on “turkey day” and  your city and state !

Do this at your Thanksgiving celebration, then send your cards later to:

Homefront Hugs USA
1850 Brookfield Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Invite as many people to this event as possible and remember this event is at YOUR THANKSGIVING TABLES this coming Thursday November 28th !

We are out of cards of support, so this is our Turkey Day mission with all who support our troops without conditions.

Hope we get thousands of RSVPs here and everyone joins in so we can remind our wounded and deployed troops they are NEVER forgotten.


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  1. Happy thanksgiving to all, happy thanksgiving to all you, buddies, wherever deployed and to you veterans. We are on our hearts ever and on this moment of happiness you are more present, our thoughts are for you and, for mind and heart have no borders, we are sure you receive them, we feel our presence near you as you are near us. Be sure you are not alone and have gladness and serenity. All we, members of the same family, are living thanksgiving together claudio alpaca

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