142,000 Wreaths Placed at Arlington National Cemetery

Apparently, my personal sentiment of wanting a wreath placed on the grave of my father, a World War II Navy veteran, is held by many. Here’s a video from Arlington National Cemetery of the folks who participated this year. An estimated 25,000 volunteers came out to help place the wreaths after the Wreaths Across America organization put a call out on Facebook worried that they had too many requests for wreaths and not enough volunteers.

It bolsters one’s faith in our neighbors, friends and strangers to see this kind of response and to see the number of children participating in the tradition.

In full disclosure, one of those wreaths was placed at the grave of my father-in-law, Col. Rene O. Quenneville, retired from the Army Corps of Engineers, he served in WWI and WWII. My mother-in-law is buried with him. She always placed a Christmas wreath on her front door during the holidays.


On A Personal Note: Merry Christmas Daddy!

My father's grave at Dayton National Cemetery, December 2014.

My father’s grave at Dayton National Cemetery, December 2014.

I am warmed this Christmas season knowing my father has a wreath on his grave. The Dayton National Cemetery Wreaths Across America volunteer who took the time to place it and send me a photo, Norman Spurling, has my undying gratitude. He is caring for my father’s grave. That’s a comfort since I live in Florida and don’t have ready access.

So a huge thank you to Mr. Spurling and to the volunteer who placed the wreath at my father-in-law’s grave at Arlington National Cemetery. May the families of all veterans rest easier knowing there are such good people who care for those who have served.

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