Helping Military Kids Cope with Tough Times

LTC Dr. Keith Lemmon, a pediatrician in the military, who gives advice on what stress symptoms a child may display and what to do.

LTC Dr. Keith Lemmon, a pediatrician in the military, who gives advice on what stress symptoms a child may display and what to do.

The fatal shootings at the Fort Hood, Texas military post are tough enough for adults to grasp.

Now, imagine if you are the child in a military family and hearing news of the shooting for the first time.

Military kids are tough, but news like that can overwhelm a child already dealing with deployment, transitioning to a new post or living on a military base.

So, I’m posting a few links that most military families may know about, but it’s helpful to have online tips at hand.

First, LTC Dr. Keith Lemmon outlines symptoms of stress you may observe in a child from an infant having trouble bonding to an elementary school child acting out.

The Military Kids Connect website offers specific tips for dealing with four tough topics:

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI)
  • Physical Injury
  • Grief and Loss

As part of a military family, children sometimes have to learn how to cope with and overcome very difficult situations. So, the Department of Defense has developed materials to help the children, parents and educators because the family’s involvement is key to a child’s success in dealing with tough situations.

There’s a sign circulating for April, Military Child Month, that goes:

Military children will say good-bye to more significant people by the age of 18 than the average person will in their lifetime.

Just think about it and whenever you thank a member of the military for their service you might add a thank you for their family and children.


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  1. What is newly happened on a military base is sad, for what it represent or may represent an intimidation, like one may say “I am able on any time, by means of whom I use, to mine your security and life”. If sad for us all, when we thinks to the families of the fallens, the child overall, who may not realise the situation, we realise for them what happened is more incompremsible. Their dads are not. But, my little child, your dads are ever present, for they live on the heaven and by the heaven smile to you, saying: “my little, do not cry, be sure I am with you ever and, when you are sad, call me, I will answer”. We say them “we are your dads, ever ready to done you consolation, aid, all the time you are on need. Call us, we are here”. To us we say we must be strong before these acts that should be a intimidation, we are a only one before all dangers, a community of more who defend itself by alls. So doing we honor and remember the died, who are ever alive on us. claudio alpaca

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