How to Honor Veterans and Observe Memorial Day

The Sarasota National Cemetery was opened in 2009. Photo courtesy of the American Legion Kirby Stewart Post 24 in Bradenton.

The Sarasota National Cemetery was opened in 2009. Photo courtesy of the American Legion Kirby Stewart Post 24 in Bradenton.

How to do you plan to observe Memorial Day – a day set aside to remember service members who have fallen in battle and others who are no longer living.

Kurt Rotar, director of the Florida National Cemetery at Bushnell and Bay Pines National Cemetery in St. Petersburg, suggested visiting your nearest national cemetery to pay tribute.

You can check a VA National Cemeteries Administration map for the cemetery closest to you.

Ceremonies are planned at several Florida national cemeteries which you can attend or you can just walk among the veterans buried there.

If you can’t make it to a national cemetery, there are other ways to recognize those who have worn the uniform.

  • Fly an American Flag at your home at half-staff before noon. Then, raise the flag to full staff at noon.
  • Put flowers or flags on veterans graves at private cemeteries
  • Take time as a family to say thank you to a veteran.
  • At 3 p.m. on Memorial Day pause for a moment of silence and reflect on the veterans’ sacrifice.
  • Secretly pick-up the meal tab for an active-duty military member you see dining.

Rotar said there are more than 133,000 buried at Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell which is the second busiest national cemetery in the United States. Bushnell handles close to 7,000 burial services a year. The busiest national cemetery is in Riverside, California.

By the summer of 2015, Rotar said the VA National Cemetery Administration hopes to begin burials at two new national cemeteries one in Tallahassee and one in Scottsmore that will be known as the Cape Canaveral National Cemetery.

You can listen to Kurt Rotar’s interview on WUSF Public Radio or download the podcast.


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  1. Wherever they are buried we honor fallens as ever with us, we honor them, on this day, for tribute gratitude to men of valor, whose sacrifices are the expression the highest of what is a warrior, are the demonstration of the fact that valors are constitutive essence of the man himself and, more, of a warrior. Their will, dedition, abnegation acclare freedom, human rights, country, people, are defended by men of valor to whom our thoughts, men who yet are teaching us and young generation what a man is. claudio alpaca

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