VA Begins Search for New Health Administrator

Deputy VA Secretary Sloan Gibson at the April opening of the new James A. Haley VA Polytrauma Center.

Sloan Gibson in April is now Acting VA Secretary.

The Acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs Sloan Gibson hung out the “Help Wanted” sign today to find a leader who will as he puts it “will be a change agent and deliver necessary reforms to provide our Veterans timely access to the world-class healthcare they’ve earned and deserve.”

Gibson said the new VA health administrator must have a sense of urgency and seriousness of the reform that is ahead.

A commission of health experts started today reviewing candidates for the next Under Secretary for Health for the Veterans Health Administration.

The commission includes:

  • Nancy Adams, RN, Major General Retired, American Academy of Nursing Fellow
  • Garry Augustine, Washington Headquarters Executive Director, Disabled American Veterans
  • Delos Cosgrove, M.D., President and CEO, Cleveland Clinic
  • Lt. General Patricia Horoho, Army Surgeon General and Commander, U.S Army Medical Command
  • Kenneth W. Kizer, M.D., M.P.H., Distinguished Professor and Director, Institute for Population Health Improvement, University of California Davis Health System
  • Jennifer Lee, M.D., Virginia Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services
  • John E. Prescott, M.D., Chief Academic Officer, Association of American Medical Colleges
  • Jose D. Riojas, Chief of Staff, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Bob Wallace, Executive Director, Veterans of Foreign Wars



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