Another Veterans’ Town Hall Set for Today

James A. Haley VA Medical Center, Tampa, FL.

James A. Haley VA Medical Center, Tampa, FL.

Tampa’s James A. Haley VA Medical Center, 13000 Bruce B. Downs Blvd., is inviting veterans and their families to voice their concerns about service and share their ideas on how to improve at a town hall today, Sept. 4, 2014, at 3:30 p.m.

It is the second such veterans’ town hall held in as many days in the Tampa Bay region.

The Bay Pines VA Health Care System held a town hall Wednesday. About 60 veterans attended the Bay Pines event seeking updates and explanations on their specific cases, reports the Tampa Bay Times.

The town halls, reaching out to veterans, are among the steps outlined by the new Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald to improve access to care for veterans.

The Haley town hall is planned in the second floor auditorium on the main campus.


8 Responses

  1. The Problem with the OIG inspecting the VA is that it is part of the VA.
    The OIG may be able to look at individual corruption effectively but it.
    cannot investigate systemic corruption, fraud, and inefficiencies for.
    it is not charged nor trained for such and since it is part of that.
    systemic corruption itself.

  2. The VA uses euphemistic language that is in reality undefined – like “Expeditious Treatment” and “Fully Developed Claim” which are all meaningless except to delay and effectively deny through a de facto denial of due process. The only time constraints that are firm are applied to the Veteran – the VA has no firm timeline nor does it have accountability to the government or to the individual veteran. Expeditious is undefined, meaningless – Fully developed claim is a meaningless insurance company approach generally used to delay and deny claims – especially, when the VA has no mechanism to quickly address a claimed specific or general problem that the VA has used to deny a covered claim. The VA also simply chooses to ignore provided evidence without any contrary evidence and denies claims and then ties them up in an endless backlog of its own creating at the appeals and remand cycle. Once denied, for whatever reason – in error, the Vet is effectively denied ad infinitum.

  3. We need an EZ VA Form and Coverage Award Process – I am sure that the IRS does this. 1. Is claimed condition covered and has it been awarded to others for same condition? yes – go to #2

    2. Is there any evidence, diagnosis, comment, or other appropriate presumptive information concerning the condition in the claimants military records, military medical records or substantive evidence in later records to support the claim? yes – go to #3

    3. Can the VA prove that the condition pre-existed or was not caused or aggravated by Service? No – Award and Award the following Amounts based on the claimants condition and employability.


  4. For one thing, I would like to see an examination and investigation of the docketing system as well vis-a-vis the official line regarding this – examine actual documents in the process and verify at what point they were assigned a docket number and how were they selected in the review process for the BVA’s examination and at what date and in what sequence.

  5. The VA also intimidates doctors into not supporting claims in the system as well.

  6. Why the Current Battle Will Inevitably Result In Dissimilar
    Treatment of Similarly Situated Disabled Veterans and Their
    Survivors – FRAUD IS INSTITUTIONALIZED – Covered conditions and claims knowingly treated differently.

  7. What is needed is as I stated below – cut the Gordian Knot.
    Essentially, what you have is a Government Agency Acting as an Insurance.
    Company that seeks to deny at all cost rather than award – and, an.
    added show judicial process that seeks to use legal means to de facto.
    deny should one persist in the claim. This is fraud on behalf of the.
    agency and criminal as it violates the charge to award if no overwhelming evidence to.
    the the contrary.

  8. The level of propoganda and bold faced lies by the VA approaches that of Nazi Germany. Most people are easily persuaded to inactivity by a few press releases, official documents talking about how the VA has only the veteran in mind, and BS Town Hall meetings that merely act as a balm to the gullible. They have heard all of these complaints many hundreds of times a day if not thousands – and, have heard it for decades – but nothing changes. The real problem here is that the government has no desire to honor its commitments as it knows that this would reveal the true cost of the military. Instead, they shift the burden of risk entirely to the individual rather than to a working and respecable benefits system. Else the military budget might have to either doubled or be spent on disabled and other veterans or spent on new weaponry. The weaponry lobby is quite strong – the individual veteran is not in their minds.

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