Schenecker Sues His Wife for Murdering Calyx and Beau

Below is a statement released by Parker Schenecker through a family spokesperson.

Today (Monday), I have filed a wrongful death suit as well as other filings against my wife Julie for the murders of my children Calyx and Beau.

This is a necessary step in my desire to give voice to my children and to ensure that throughout what may happen in future criminal and civil litigation, Calyx and Beau are not forgotten.

I feel strongly that Julie be held accountable for her selfish acts on January 27, 2011 when she silenced my children..I won’t let that happen again. They deserve to be heard.

I am choosing to file this suit to give voice to my children and to hold their murderer accountable for what she did. As I’ve said, my loss is total. But I won’t let my children be silenced or forgotten now or ever.

This is another step in my commitment to them, to my family and friends, their friends and to the public – to honor my kids and the way they lived.  If I did not file this suit I would not be true to my children or my character.

I now look to the judicial system for help. It’s a system I swore to protect and defend along with the US Constitution for more than 27 years in uniform. I have faith this system, that defends good over evil, will do the right thing and hold my children’s muderer accountable for her actions.

Parker Schenecker

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Family Update

A Father Talks About the Loss of His Family

A Father Talks About the Loss of His Family

Beau and Calyx Schenecker, together.

All of Tampa Bay mourned with Col. Parker Schenecker at the loss of his family in January. Based at Tampa’s MacDill Air Force Base, he was in the Middle East when it happened.

His 16-year-old daughter Calyx and 13-year-old son, Beau, were shot to death by his wife. He is now divorcing Julie who remains in custody awaiting trial for murder. According to the new article, she has been living with mental illness, depression, for much of her life.

Schenecker attended memorial services in Florida and Texas and met with his children’s friends and close family, but he did not talk publicly about his personal tragedy. That is until now.

Schenecker granted an interview to People magazine about the family tragedy. You can read that story online here.

Schenecker Family Update

Below is a statement released by Col. Parker Schenecker Friday, Feb. 18, 2010. His wife, Julie Schenecker, remains in Hillsborough County Jail under arrest for the murder of their children Calyx and Beau.

“Today, I met with my wife Julie for the first time since I returned from my duty overseas. The meeting was both emotional and productive. We discussed numerous topics but focused mostly on how so many people continue to honor and remember the lives of Calyx and Beau.  I felt it was important and proper to inform her in person about my need to focus on the future, and my intention to file for divorce.  Clearly the events of January 27th have taken Julie and me on different paths. I have said for many days now that I will spend the rest of my life honoring the memory of my two beautiful children Calyx and Beau. This difficult but necessary step will help me to do just that…move forward.” Col. Parker Schenecker.

Col. Schenecker: “Be Kind to Others, Live with Purpose”

Beau and Calyx Schenecker, together.

The following are comments shared by the Schenecker family from today’s memorial service in Ft. Worth, Texas.

“First and foremost, my family would like to thank Christ Chapel Bible Church, Dr. Ted Kitchens and Bill Runyon for opening your doors and hearts to us. Mom, Edmund…THIS homecoming was absolutely the right decision.

“Silence brothers, INNOCENT SPIRITS have passed by.”

As I mourn the loss of my loved dear children, I am comforted that they have been welcomed on the other side, and heaven is rejoicing at their coming.

I will deeply miss Calyx and Beau… And I have a feeling that even though some of you didn’t know them well or even at all… through Dr. Kitchens kind words and this beautiful service… you now feel their presence …something the rest of us know all too well. Today we celebrate the way they lived and I will spend the rest of my time doing just that.

I encourage others, especially those who join me in mourning Calyx and Beau, to help keep the essence of their spirits alive by being kind to others and by living their lives with purpose. I know my children were loved, they knew they were loved, now we all must go forward to honor them with love and respect for each other.  

Hug your children – every chance you get. Draw your loved ones closer to you so that you may love and be loved. And, if I may be so bold…if this grieving Dad can ask you just one thing…remember Calyx and Beau Schenecker and REJOICE for having known them.” Col Parker Schenecker.

An additional statement from Col. Schenecker:

 “Today my family and I said goodbye to my precious children Calyx and Beau. While today has been a difficult one for my entire family, we do take comfort  from the incredible support and love we have received from friends and colleagues. The most important thing that we can do from this point forward is to honor my children by making something good come out of this tragedy.

I forever will miss my two beautiful, loving kids.  To help cope with my loss and have their incredible spirits live on, I am dedicating the rest of my life to honoring my children. I will remain involved in the activities that were important to them and support causes in which they believed. Friends of mine already have helped me begin my journey by establishing a memorial fund in their honor.  The entire proceeds of the fund will be used to improve the lives of others, a standard by which my kids lived.

I encourage others, especially those who join me in mourning Calyx and Beau, to  help keep the essence of their spirits alive by being kind to others, by working and playing hard, and by living their lives with purpose.” Col Parker Schenecker.

Col. Schenecker: “Our Journey to Healing”

“Today is another day on our journey to healing.  While sadness seems to lurk right behind us every step of the way, I assure you that today’s wonderful tribute to my children will keep me looking ahead,” said Col. Parker Schenecker during a memorial service for his children Friday at MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida.

Again today, the Schenecker children’s lives will be honored and celebrated during a memorial service at Christ Chapel Bible Church, Fort Worth, Texas.

Calyx Powers Schenecker and Powers Beau Schenecker passed away January 28, 2011 while their father was deployed in the Middle East. Their mother, Julie Schenecker is accused of their murders.

The Schenecker family spokeswoman shared the children’s brief biographies that appeared in Texas newspapers today.

Calyx Schenecker, 16.

Calyx Powers Schenecker was born on September 12, 1994 in Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Germany. Along her life’s journey, Calyx was recognized as a model student, a published artist, a truly devoted friend and a tenacious athlete, excelling in both Cross Country and Track. Bound for the stars, Calyx’s intense desire to learn and her wonderment at all life had to offer was energizing and uplifting. Calyx is loved and remembered forever.

Beau Schenecker, 13.

Powers Beau Schenecker was born September 29, 1997 at Tripler Army Medical Center, Honolulu, Hawaii. Along Beau’s life journey, he was a very likable and lovable person who quickly made and retained an incredible number of friends worldwide. Although a bit shorter physically than his contemporaries, his amazing intuition, empathy for others, and sense of humor made him stand head and shoulders above the rest. If you had Beau as a friend, you needed no others. Beau is loved and remembered forever.

An official Facebook Calyx and Beau Schenecker Memorial page  and more than 3,000 “like it.”

Calyx and Beau are preceded in death by their grandfather Edmund Morris Schenecker. Survivors: Father, Col. Parker Schenecker; mother, Julie Schenecker; grandparents, Nancy Schenecker, James and Patty Jo Powers; aunts and uncles, Edmund Schenecker, Dave Powers and his wife Julie, Carol Walsh and her husband Joe; and cousins, Kylie, Kendall, and Chloe Powers, Ben, Sam and CJ Walsh.

The family asks that in lieu of flowers, memorials be directed to: The Calyx and Beau Schenecker Memorial Fund within The Community Foundation of Tampa Bay at 550 N. Reo St., Suite 301, Tampa, FL 33609-1037 or call (813) 282-1975.

Father Pledges to Honor His Children’s Lives and Memories

Calyx Schenecker, 16.

The following is a statement released by the Schenecker Family on Jan. 31, 2011:

Colonel Parker Schenecker has returned from his deployment and is grieving with family and friends.  He is devoted first and foremost to honoring the lives and memory of his beautiful children, Calyx and Beau. Parker and his family have been touched by the overwhelming support from the community both near and abroad. Arrangements and details are still being finalized with regard to the services to be held for Calyx and Beau.

Beau Schenecker, 13.

Tampa law officials say Julie Schenecker, the children’s mother and colonel’s wife, reportedly admitted shooting her two teenage children, Calyx and Beau, Thursday night. Col. Schenecker is assigned to MacDill’s Central Command and was deployed in the Middle East at the time.

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