MacDill Enlisted Spouses Remember a “New Angel”

The quilt stitched for MacDill ESC member Lindsey Paxton.

During my membership of the MacDill Enlisted Spouses Club, one of our young members, Lindsey Paxton, was diagnosed with brain cancer. We all felt we needed to do something, to let her know how affected we were and just how much we cared. We all gathered together (some of us crafty and some of us not so much) and began the task of making her a quilt. We accomplished that, with the help of many (including Bobbie O’Brien) and got it shipped out to her.

Lindsey was a young military wife, newly married to her husband Chance. She had her entire life ahead of her, and was stricken with such an awful disease. You would never know it. She remained upbeat and very inspirational.

Lindsey lost her battle to cancer this past Sunday, all the members that she touched were deeply hurt. She left behind her testimony on YouTube, and with that I firmly believe her legacy.

I will always remember her smile, and how a group of women gathered together in hopes of making something that would provide comfort during a long and strenuous battle.

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