A Military Wife’s Letter to Her Deploying Soldier

Photo courtesy of United States American Flags.com.

The following letter was written by the wife to her husband, a Georgia National Guardsman preparing to deploy.

However, it’s significance reaches well beyond her family.

Jennifer Chaloux’s letter to her husband, Spc. Matthew Chalou was sent to me by another military wife a day after her husband deployed for a fifth time in their six years of marriage.

Jennifer’s Letter

It was published in Stars and Stripes February 3, 2010 for her husband who was deploying to Afghanistan for a year.

The man you share your life with is leaving, and there is no guarantee he will come home. Days fly by quicker than you have ever known. They are consumed with nonstop picture and video-taking, hugs, kisses and sighs because reality is too close. We try to finish projects around the house and get a quick lesson on using power tools.

It’s days on end trying not to cry too hard so you don’t make him feel bad … laying your head on his chest trying to memorize the sound of his heartbeat, the way he holds you, kisses you on the head, his laughter and his cologne. Holding his hand and not wanting to let go, not even for a second. A million kisses and hugs. Saying I love you 50 times a day and still questioning whether you have said it enough.

The letter goes on describing her feelings and thoughts that are shared by many wives, parents, children and friends for their deployed loved ones.

Jennifer ends her letter by asking that all families never forget and “support our troops” by displaying the American flag.

You can read Jennifer’s full letter on the Stars and Stripes website.


The National Guard Looking for 1 Million Facebook Fans

National Guard Photo: MG Maria Britt, commanding general, Georgia National Guard, looks through the sights of an M119A2 howitzer during a visit to the 1-118th Field Artillery Annual Training.

A nod to Milblogging.com for passing the word along. The National Guard is closing in on 1 million fans on its Facebook Page.

When the Marines were nearing 1 million, I posted it on this blog to encourage those so inclined to sign on and hit the Like button.

Now, here’s an opportunity to help the National Guard hit that magic mark. As of Sunday evening, the Guard’s Facebook page had more than 956,000 fans. Milblogging.com estimated it would take until September to hit 1 million. Obviously that will come sooner if you respond and get your friends, family, work colleagues and others to do the same.

“Always ready, always there” is the mission of this nation’s oldest military branch that serves states and the federal government. The Guard has played a key role in both Afghanistan and Iraq and suffered losses. Becoming a fan on their Facebook page is one small way to acknowledge their sacrifice.

You can follow the popularity of each military branch on Facebook Pages Leaderboard.

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