You Know You’re a Civilian When …

As kids we often said “turn around is fair play.” Recently, contributor Jackie Dorr shared her take on the theme: You know you’re a military spouse when

So, here are a few of my revelations despite being married to a Navy veteran of WWII and Korea with a father-in-law who was a career Army officer and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

You know you’re a civilian when … :

– You’re surprised (pleasantly so) when a child answers “Yes mam” or “Yes sir” .

– You don’t catch the nuanced difference between the Air Force abbreviation for sergeant, Sgt., and the Army abbreviation, SG.

– You display the American Flag, but only on holidays.

– You have to subtract 12 from military time.

– You consult a DOD chart to learn that the Army, Marine Corps and Air Force rank of Captain is equivalent to a Navy Lieutenant and a Navy Captain is equivalent to a Colonel in the other services.

– You have to look it up to find out that a brigade is larger than a battalion.

I’m pretty certain I’m not the only civilian who has experienced one of these moments. Hit the comment link below and share one of yours. Or, if you’re military, do you have a favorite observation for when you knew someone was civilian?

*Note: an earlier version of this blog post had an incorrect equivalent to the Army vs. Navy rank of captain. That is because the source material from online is incorrect. Apendix M: Military Rank/Civilian Pay Grade Abbreviations and Service Agency Names.

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