Panel:Rescind the Policy Preventing Women in Combat

Oregon Army National Guard Staff Sgt. Jo Turner (left) and Spc. Cheryl Ivanov are battle buddies who stick together and help each other cope with the emotional and mental stress of combat operations in Afghanistan. (Photo by 1st Lt. Amanda Straub, 41st Brigade Combat Team)

It took 18 months of analysis, but today a panel on diversity called upon the Department of Defense to rescind its 1994 policy that prevents women from being assigned to combat units.

Women are already serving in combat environments in Iraq and Afghanistan,  being shot and killed concluded retired Air Force Gen. Lester L. Lykes who chaired the Military Leadership Diversity Commission. Changing the “women in combat policy” is one of 20 recommendations made by the commission.

The panel of 31 independent civilians and military personnel, found the policy was a barrier to women advancing into senior leadership in the military.

You can read a DOD article about the report or read the full 162-page report.

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