Pres. Jimmy Carter Asks ‘What Is Your Definition of Peace?’

A retired Marine Lt. General told me last week that the members of the military are the first ones to want peace because they have seen war and paid the price. His words reverberated in my mind when I read an email from The Carter Center today.

I share  the item with you and encourage you to add your thoughts.

Palestinian elections photo from the Carter Center.

“Peace is more than the absence of war. There is an inner peace that comes from personal security and personal freedom. Peace also includes the sense of a mother and father that their children will live, that they’ll have food for them to eat, and that they won’t be subject to a lifetime of suffering that could have been prevented.”Jimmy Carter
The Carter Center’s Peace Programs strengthen freedom and democracy in nations worldwide, securing for people the political and civil rights that are the foundation of just and peaceful societies.

Although “Peace” means something different to each person, each community, each nation, there is a common dream that binds our hopes.  What does “Peace” mean to you? Click HERE to share your definition.

One final point for full disclosure. If you’ve not read the “about” page, you will not know that I am a Rosalynn Carter Mental Health Journalism Fellow for 2010-2011. There are no “strings attached” with the fellowship, in fact that is part of its beauty. This blog is part of the project I proposed to win the fellowship, yet there are no requirements to link to the Carter Center or carry its message. I do it because of the message is to work on building a world of peace – exactly what my retired Marine Lt. General is hoping to do.

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