U.S. Air Forces Central Command Band Goes Viral

When I started this blog, I got a really good piece of advice from a fellow journalist: “You can’t give them broccoli all the time.”

Now I personally like broccoli. But, to put it more bluntly – it was a reminder to take off my hard-news glasses from time to time and view the world through a softer lens.

This video I think qualifies. It has already gone viral with more than 1 million views on You Tube. So, you may have already seen it. I couldn’t help but tap my toe while watching. If your soul needs a lift today, take three minutes and watch:

U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Angie Johnson and Sidewinder perform a cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” Sidewinder is part of the 571st Air Force Band, 131st Bomb Wing, Air National Guard. They are deployed as the U.S. Air Forces Central Command Band.

Sidewinder is Capt John Arata – officer in charge, keyboards, fiddle; Tech. Sgt. Kevin Maret – NCO in charge, percussion; Tech. Sgt. John Cavanaugh – operations/logistics, bass; Tech. Sgt. Joseph Castilleja – guitar; Staff Sgt. Tobias Callaway – saxophone; Staff Sgt. Ransom Miller – trumpet; Staff Sgt. Devin LaRue – trombone, guitar, keyboards; Staff Sgt. Brian Owens – vocals; Staff Sgt. Angie Johnson – vocals; Staff Sgt. Sean Navarro – Audio, Trombone.

Here’s another of Sidewinder’s You Tube videos where they did a gig for the Night Shift. It has not gone viral, but is equally entertaining.


A Moment of Silence: Memorial Day 2011

Memorial Day is a collective holiday in that all can join to commemorate the sacrifice and to honor U.S. Forces killed in action. And, it is also a day for personal reflection. The following video, produced four years ago, remains as powerful in 2011.

Thank you to all who have served, to the families who have lost a loved one. None will be forgotten.

A Prayer Offered upon the News of Osama Bin Laden’s Death

I do not have the origin of the following prayer. However, it is a popular posting among military spouses after the news that a U.S. led operation killed Osama Bin Laden the “master mind” behind the 9/11 attacks.

May 1st Prayer….

Now I lay me down to sleep…one less terrorist this world does keep…with all my heart I give my thanks…to those in uniform regardless of ranks…you serve our country and serve it well…with humble hearts your stories tell…so as I rest my weary eyes…while freedom rings our flag still flies…you give your all, do what you must…with God we live and God we trust….Amen

Here’s a You Tube video posted by web producer Ben Brock Johnson of the celebration in Times Square:

News of Bin Laden’s death was announced late Sunday night. Here are some additional news accounts:


National Public Radio


Wall Street Journal

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