12 Organizations Working to Raise PTSD Awareness

Monday, June 27, is PTSD Awareness Day established by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

If you’re a member of the civilian community, here is a list of 10 things you can do to help raise understanding of PTSD.

If you know a combat veteran in need of help, the VA has a myriad of resources:

  • VA Office of Mental Health Services
    Provides a range of information on depression, substance abuse, and other mental health problems, to improve the health and well-being of Veterans through excellence in health care, social services, education, and research.

The VA also offers a list of collaborators willing to help veterans living with PTSD.

  • afterdeployment.org
    A mental wellness resource for Service Members, Veterans, and Military Families.
  • BraveHeart Welcome Back Veterans Southeast Initiative*
    Our mission is to offer veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan war and their families: education about PTSD, self-assessment and support resources, and assistance in accessing treatment services in the southeast.
  • Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health & Traumatic Brain Injury
    Provides authoritative information and resources 24/7 to Service Members, Veterans, and families, and those who support them.
    Contact: resources@dcoeoutreach.org or 1-866-966-1020.
  • Home Base Program
    The Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Home Base Program provides clinical care and support services in New England area to veterans of the current conflicts, who experience combat stress and/or traumatic brain injury (TBI); counseling for families including parents and children; education for clinicians and other community members; and research in the understanding and treatment of PTSD and TBI.
  • International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS)
    ISTSS is an international, interdisciplinary professional organization that promotes advancement and exchange of knowledge about traumatic stress. This knowledge includes: Understanding the scope and consequences of traumatic exposure, preventing traumatic events and ameliorating their consequences and advocating for the field of traumatic stress.
  • National Child Traumatic Stress Network
    A Center to improve access to care, treatment, and services for children and adolescents exposed to traumatic events and to encourage and promote collaboration between service providers in the field.
  • National Resource Directory
    A tri-agency Web portal that connects wounded warriors, Service members, Veterans, their families and caregivers with those who support them. Links to 10,000+ resources.
  • Office of Recovery Act Coordination U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
    Recovery Act-funded programs are being invested in improving health and human services, including areas such as community health services, research, prevention and wellness.
  • Real Warriors Campaign
    The Real Warriors Campaign is a multimedia public education campaign sponsored by the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury to encourage help-seeking behavior among service members and veterans with invisible wounds.
  • Veterans on Deck
    This is a 501c3 nonprofit designed by VA PTSD clinicians and researchers to compliment evidence based psychotherapy with opportunities for social interaction and community reintegration of PTSD and MST Veterans through team sailing with PTSD clinicians.
  • Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA)
    The VVA is a congressionally chartered not-for-profit organization exclusively dedicated to improving the condition of Vietnam-era Veterans and their families.
  • WarriorCare.mil
    A blog that provides wounded, ill, injured and transitioning Service members and their families with information on programs and initiatives that affect them.

20 Responses

  1. Thanks Bobbie – we featured your site and this blog on our show today – Military Mom Talk Radio on Toginet.com. Podcasts are available if you’re interested at http://www.militarymomtalkradio.com. We often share information we’ve found on your blog on our first segment. Thanks for the wonderful resource.


  3. Great information! I’m looking for an organization currently studying PTSD and its effects. I want to organize a walk but need thr backing of a legit group who can receive the donations and use it to fund research for vets with PTSD. can anyone help me?

    • Hello Did you ever organize the walk? I am the administrator for Virtual Veterans organization, its a 501 (c)3 non profit where veterans of OIF/OEF/OND can register to receive resources. Please email me and let me know, thank you virtualveteransadm@hotmail.com thank you

  4. Hi, I have not gotten a response from anyone that can point me in the right direction. I mentioned it to my therapist at the VA. So, I’m still looking :-/

    • Hi Erin,
      I will respond to your email address so I can get more specifics from you. I’m sure working together we can find an organization. Bobbie

    • @Erin

      Please contact Deb Tribbey (link on the left) at Veterans Stress Project http://www.stressproject.org/index.html

      They are heavily involved in research for PTSD and I’m sure would love to receive any funds you can raise. Their parent organisation is:-
      Soul Medicine Institute (SMI) is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) research institute not affiliated with the government or any religious group and has set up a network of therapists to treat veterans and their families with EFT at low or no cost.

  5. I have been diagnosed with PTSD, and other things. I am a civilian and can’t find any people I can talk to. I was in a abusive marriage for a long time. I have a great therapist that comes to my home. But it still isn’t the same as talking to people. Any help u can be, I would appreciate it. If it helps my father, Carl F Wilson was a navy Seabee with the 50th in WW2. Lol!

    • Nancy – you can use the same site to find an EFT Practitioner who works with PTSD. You probably won’t get the 6 free sessions since you’re not a vet with combat related PTSD, however there is a list of practitioners on the website who are experienced in using EFT with PTSD conditions (under the menu item “Find Help”).

      To Vets who may be reading this please download the flyer in the link on the left at http://www.stressproject.org/index.html to find out more.
      Over 3,000 vets treated to date.
      From the flyer…
      “Personal info is confidential and data is anonymous.
      Over 85% of Vets who have participated have resolved most of their PTSD symptoms (insomnia, anger, grief, hyper-vigilance) in six 1-hour sessions. 3 and 6 month follow- ups confirm that the benefits are lasting.”

  6. […] a blog that I found that has 12 Organizations Working to Raise PTSD Awareness Provides a range of information on depression, substance abuse, and other mental health problems, […]

  7. My high school friend just took his life and this has made me VERY interested in learning how I CAN HELP raise awareness!

  8. […] Off The Base (This blog has a list of twelve organizations working to raise PTSD awareness.) […]

  9. […] to acknowledge PTSD — treat it, and trains troops to prevent it in training. Today, numerous organizations, either government-sponsored or veteran-founded, help veterans deal with PTSD. Organizations such as […]

  10. […] hug them. If you don’t, do something nice for a child you do know. Maybe give a little to a PTSD charity or an organization dedicated toward understanding the roots of violence. In any case, do something […]

  11. I’m trying to start an organization for PTSD awareness and raise money. I’m a wife of a Veteran who suffers from this and would like to help and give back as much as I can for all who has helped us and especially my husband who lives with this every day. If someone could help me with resources or any information to get started I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks greatly in advance .

    • Dear Stephanie,
      I am hoping this finds that you found the resources you need to successfully deal with PTSD for you and your husband. Forgive my tardiness responding to your query. I had an unexpected medical issue that curtailed my postings and involvement with my blog. I am easing back into my work and would love to help you should you need additional info. My best regards, Bobbie O’Brien

  12. I have a daughter that has just been excepted into Lourdes University. We are so very proud of her, because she wants to specialize in PTSD. Her father has been in severe accidents, he is also a volunteer firefighter, he lives for helping other’s. With that being said firefighters see things they can’t forget. There are firefighters all over that have to cope with things and there “therapy” is talking with others on there department, or local department’s. She wants to put the stop to that and help all individuals with PSTD. Her father was also adopted, closed adoption. Although he could have never asked for a better, loving family that he was raised by. This also brings on issues. With all that being said, do you no of any grants or scholarships available to help her with her college tuition? Her father nor myself have attended college, we are looking for all the help she can get. She has big plans, we are just trying to help her get there. THANK YOU FOR READING. GOD BLESS

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